Questpit is a writers hype event meant specifically to support other writers’ projects! Agent, editor, and publisher participation is welcomed. WIPs of any kind are encouraged (ex: on sub, querying, writing, etc). Please see rules page for more information.


This event will take place four times a year—once per season—and will be announced a month in advance.
-use hashtags specific to your project (listed below rules)
-anyone can participate no matter the state of their WIP
-you are allowed to like posts
-only post within the given date (not time zone specific)
-only post once per wip
-moodboards are not required, but fun! post whatever you’d like with your pitch!
-please use alt text if you are using images
-interact with one another and have fun!
-agent, editor, and publisher participation is welcomed and encouraged!
querying: #Q
on submission: #OS
a work in progress: #W
published: #P
agented: #AG


To be added to our mailing list (open to industry professionals and writers), please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/tydEZGHXSqJU8YY98Halle J. Minick and Maria Antonia are the creators and organizers of #questpit. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram. They have all the information for getting involved and for any questions you may have!Questpit was founded in August of 2023 and its first event took place in September. A short Q&A will take place the week before every event.